What items are not allowed in self storage?

As time passes and your family grows – you might find yourself in a situation where you don’t have enough space for your belongings anymore. And that can become a major problem if you wait too long. Well, know that you are not alone in this. Not having enough space on your hands is something that can happen to anyone – and it usually does. More and more Americans are looking for storage solutions these days. However, finding one isn’t as easy as it seems. There is a slight possibility you will run into some problems, such as not having enough time on your hands or even not knowing what items are not allowed in self storage. But – don’t worry! That’s precisely why we are here today – to help you find the solution to all your storage related problems!

First thing’s first

The first step almost everyone makes when facing the problem of not having enough space is – you have guessed it – trying to find some additional space in their homes. And yes, this is a smart move to make. But, after not so long, you will come to realize that stuffing your belongings wherever you can isn’t a right thing to do. Why? Well, no one likes having all that mess around them. And once you realize that, you will be ready to take the next step. And no, it’s not thinking about what items are not allowed in self storage – you are not quite there yet.

Christmas decorations.
Storing your Christmas decorations might be a good idea, but there are some items you can’t really store.

What do you need?

Think about your needs. Let’s face it, everybody is looking for something different. You are as unique as everybody else is. And with that comes yet another problem – finding the custom solution for your self-storage problem. Let’s start at the beginning:

  • Go through your house and make an inventory. List all the items that you would like to move to the storage facility. 
  • Declutter. Make sure you get rid of unnecessary items before paying for their safekeeping. 
  • Pack your belongings. And in a safe manner. Make sure you use some professional packing supplies in order to prevent any damage. Follow our packing guidelines, and we are confident you will finish this task hassle-free!
  • Label every box with its contents.
  • And once you finish all these tasks – it’s time to start looking for a storage facility that satisfies all your needs.
Stop sign - what items are not allowed in self storage?
Do you know what items are not allowed in self storage?

How to find a storage facility that meets your criteria?

Well, the first thing you should do is to make up your mind. Think about your needs. And after you do – set your criteria. Yours and your belongings safety come first, so make sure you find the best possible solution. Look for the best of the best, and never settle for anything less.

Make a plan

You will need a solid strategy before considering what items are not allowed in self storage. Think hard. And then – do it once more. Consider all angles. Are you planning on storing your items for a long or short term? What are your expectations? How much are you willing on spending?

Calculate your budget

Prepare yourself financially. Calculate your budget. Ask yourself how much are you able to spend on storing. And then think about this aspect once more.

How to calculate the costs?

”How much does storing your items cost?” is a common question. It comes to minds of all who are planning on it. But – how to calculate the exact amount of money you will need to prepare? Well, the answer depends on 2 very important factors:

  • Accessibility.
  • Location.

These two factors are closely related, and they both influence the final price. If the storage facility of your choosing is located somewhere outside the city lines, the chances are – you will get a much better deal. Accessibility – well, if you are planning on renting a storage unit that you can access at all times you will have to pay for it. So, if you are thinking about saving some money on the side, make sure you get well informed before signing any deals.

But, what items are not allowed in self storage?

It doesn’t matter if you are moving from Arizona and looking for a storage solution, or if you are looking for a safe storage near you – there are some items you can’t store even if you want to. But, what are these items?

Hazardous materials

No need to explain any further. If it is dangerous, flammable or poisonous – the chances are your storage facility manager won’t sign off on you storing it at their unit. But, most of the materials that are forbidden are cheap and easily accessible, so don’t worry – even if you throw some away!

Unregistered vehicles

It’s pretty simple – if you don’t own it, you can’t store it. This goes for all kinds of motor vehicles. In order to store one, you will need to register it in your name. And that’s not all! You will need a proper insurance.


This one goes for every item that can attract bugs, rodents and encourage mold or bacteria to grow. If you are planning on storing food, think again. This rule might bother you, but it is there for your own safety and protection. You will want your items to be safe at all times, and if anything rots – safekeeping won’t be possible.

You can’t leave your pet in a storage unit when going on vacation!


If it can put you or anybody else in a dangerous situation – you can’t store it legally. And that’s for a good reason. You wouldn’t want to endanger anyone, so think twice before storing your firearms. It doesn’t really matter if you are looking for a storage unit you can use after moving from Texas or some other state. This one goes for every state in the USA.

If you are still wondering what items are not allowed in self storage, make sure you contact your moving company and ask them this question. You don’t have to stress about it!