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If you’ve moved before or spent time researching moving companies and tips, you probably know how overwhelming it all is. Everyone tells you that it is stressful, overbearing, that you should prepare yourself etc. And let’s be honest – it really is a challenging experience. But it is one that can be made much simpler with some help. Verified Movers is here to offer just that. We believe that a move to Oregon should be a memorable experience, no matter the budget, conditions, limitations etc. And so, the best way to accomplish this is with the right long distance moving companies Hillsboro to back you up.

So, if you are ready to call in the cavalry and win the battle against your move to Hillsboro, we are listening. Take our 3-step matchup questionnaire and get your pick of experienced and reputable long distance movers Oregon has to offer. And when it’s all good and done – you will thank yourself for this decision.

HIllsboro Civic Center - one of the sights to explore after the move.
Long distance moving companies Hillsboro are here to offer support throughout the move.

Packing tips by long distance moving companies Hillsboro

If you are of a mind to pack by yourself, you have our support and included in that – some packing guidelines:

  • Instead of spending cash on packing materials, consider simply going around some local stores, fast food joints etc. and ask for any cardboard boxes they can spare.
  • If you are looking for a replacement for air-infused wrap, simply use old blankets and covers that you have around the house. You probably mean to throw them away anyway – so why not make use of them one last time?
  • Pack room by room and make sure to label each and every box. This helps long distance moving companies Hillsboro pay more attention to belongings that are fragile and more valuable. It also helps you in the unpacking process.