Long distance moving companies Wichita

Verified Movers believe in providing you with quality moving services. That’s why we go above and beyond to ensure that you have a stress-free moving experience. So, searching our database of long distance movers in Kansas you can find the best long distance moving companies Wichita with free moving estimates for your household or commercial move. With reliable long distance movers, you can count on professional and efficient state-to-state move.

When you pick your household or commercial movers for long distance relocation to Wichita you can count on many benefits:

  • Full-Service Packing
  • Quality Packing Materials
  • Short & Long Term Storage
  • Moving special items: Fine Art & Antique Moving
  • Vehicle Transportation

Statue in Wichita

What Wichita, Kansas has to offer?

Located on the Arkansas River, Wichita is the largest city of Kansas. The city of Wichita has a population of 382,000. If you want to be part of the community, you have to expect hot humid summers with the hottest month July and cold winters with the coldest month January. Also, thunderstorms can occur during the spring and summer months. So, when moving to Wichita is good to know which time of the year is the best to do it. Try to avoid thunderstorms and highest or lowest temperatures.

  • Neighborhoods in Wichita include Downtown with 2,000 people, Riverside, and College Hill.
  • com and Money Magazine ranked Wichita 9th of the list of 10 best U.S. Big Cities to live
  • Wichita is also the Air Capital of the World, so isn’t surprising that the main industrial sector is aircraft manufacturing.
  • The second largest industry in Wichita is healthcare

Things to do after moving to Wichita

There are a lot of things to do after moving to Wichita. This largest city of Kansas offers 36 museums, more than 24 attractions, 20 live theatres 35 art galleries, and 32 golf courses. So, you can find plenty of things to do with your family and friends after you settle down in Wichita. The best things you should do in Wichita:

  • Visit Wichita’s 177 parks or 127 miles of trails
  • Visit the Sedgwick County Zoo’s world-class tiger exhibit
  • For great shows visit the Music Theatre of Wichita

Wichita is also the Air Capital of the World, so isn’t surprising that the main industrial sector is aircraft manufacturing.

Choose the right long distance moving services for you

The basic long distance moving services

The essential services long distance moving company can provide you with are movers and moving truck. Movers are here to load up your shipment and unload it. Long distance move will be charged to the total weight of your belongings. Also, you can count on the free moving quote.

Additional services

Beyond basic services, you can choose extra services you need for the move to Wichita. Additional long distance moving services include packing materials, full-service packing, crating, disassembly and reassembly of your major appliances and furniture, cleaning your home, vehicle transportation, and storage services. It is up to you to choose the services you need for your moving project, just make sure you also have a budget for it.