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Low crime rates and cost of living, plenty of wide open spaces, and friendly neighborhoods focused on family life. These are just some of the many benefits that life in Iowa can bring. One of the advantages of moving to the state is that the cost of living in Iowa is significantly lower than the national average. In fact, it is about 12% lower overall. And although specific costs will vary by city, practically everything will be cheaper in Iowa. Hence, you will be able to find much more affordable long distance moving companies Iowa. And Verified Movers is here to help you along the way.

The great countryside of Iowa.
Verified Movers has the perfect choice of cross-state movers Iowa for your needs.

What are your potential options for a new home in Iowa?

So, before you turn to Iowa moving experts, make sure to know where it is you want to relocate to. Here are some of the most popular state destinations to consider for your household relocation:

  • Des Moines: The state’s capital and most populous city, Des Moines are best known for being the starting line for the United States’ presidential elections every four years.

    Des Moines at night - the capital of Iowa, which you can get to know once one of the long distance moving companies Iowa get you settled.
    Plenty of opportunities to be found in Iowa - all you need is to explore with the help from some expert long distance moving companies Iowa.
  • Cedar Rapids: Cedar Rapids is home to one of Iowa’s regional airports and serves as a cultural and entertainment hub for the state.
  • Davenport/Bettendorf: With a growing employment rate, this was named the most affordable metropolitan area by Forbes in 2010.
  • Waterloo/Cedar Falls: Although generally considered to be one metropolitan area, the two cities are actually very different. Waterloo has a more industrial and commercial makeup, while Cedar Falls has the distinct vibe of a college town.
  • Iowa City: Iowa City is a hotbed for liberal activism. It’s also where the Hawkeyes play and where students attend the University of Iowa.
  • Council Bluffs: Sharing a river border with Nebraska’s Omaha, Council Bluffs is about one-tenth the size of its metropolitan big brother.
  • Ames: Ames is home to Iowa State University, and CNNMoney.com ranked the city as the #9 best place to live in 2010.
  • Dubuque: One of the most beautiful cities in Iowa, Dubuque is a popular destination for Iowans and other Midwestern tourists.

What should you look for in long distance moving companies Iowa offers?

  • Iowa landscape - breathe in the nature.
    Iowa offers you the option to explore a peaceful and affordable way of the American life.

    Long distance moving companies Iowa with years of experience. One thing that is important for your choice of movers to have is all the necessary Iowa relocation expertise. Not only does that mean familiarity with the Hawkeye State, but it also means nurturing good client relations.

  • Professional consults and precise estimates. One of the benefits of hiring professional and experienced long distance moving companies Iowa is that they are able to provide you with the best solutions. Plus, good communication makes the challenge of migration much easier. However, not all Iowa long distance movers are as eager to have open and honest conversations with their customers. This is why you should look for a professional mover with the right attitude in dealing with clients.
  • A plethora of moving tips and advice. Top-rated long distance movers in Iowa will have a well-established relationship with their clients. This is because, as professionals, they know all about the moving efforts and struggles our clients go through. And that is what our premium selection of movers can provide to you.

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