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  • Isador Boweslyon
    5 2 weeks ago

    One way van lines helped me during the most challenging period of my life. The whole moving prospect was very stressful and daunting, but with the movers’ help I was able to plan it systematically. They really cared about customers’ satisfaction and went above and beyond to complete each task professionally. I really enjoyed the moving process. Although I expected an average service, it turned out that I got a reasonably priced high quality assistance. I’m looking forward to hiring One way van lines again for my next move because I’m truly satisfied with how they handled each aspect of the move.

    Move cost: $2100
  • Indy Ganes
    5 2 weeks ago

    I didn’t expect it to go that easily, but with One way van lines each move is a breeze.
    My interstate move from North Carolina to Pompano Beach was the smoothest experience ever. The movers were punctual and enthusiastic to start as soon as they arrived. Having seen their positive and friendly approach, I was sure of a successful outcome. Everyone who is planning a household move should contact One way van lines in order to get fair and honest quote and a reliable service. Given the course of the move, I have nothing to complain about. Each stage of the move was handled carefully and meticulously.

    Move cost: $2200
  • Monserath Kingore
    5 2 weeks ago

    One way van lines is the most reliable company I’ve ever worked with. They accomplished each task according to plan because they showed up on time early in the morning. As I didn’t finish sorting out and packing, they offered to assist me with those activities too. I started the unpacking process the very same night after I reached my new apartment. I’m so happy that I came across these hard working movers who were able to meet all my requirements. I will contact them for my next move without hesitation. This was one of the best moving experiences I ever had.

    Move cost: $1800
  • Jonah Paben
    5 2 weeks ago

    Moving to Chicago wasn’t easy for me but One way van lines proved to be the best moving company ever. Thankfully my former boss referred me to them and I didn’t hesitate to contact them and discuss about the terms and conditions of the move. I got a very convenient and comprehensive quote and since I was moving during the off-season I was able to negotiate with them and score a significant discount. At this point I’m sure that I will be contacting One way van lines for my next relocation. It’s always great to have a reliable support by your side during the hard times.

    Move cost: $3500
  • Jackson Duke
    5 2 months ago

    One Way Van Lines LLC was great to us. My other movers couldn't show up on the day of my move, so I called One Way Van Lines and they were able to get me moved out the same day. Very professional crew, great prices.
    I would more than highly recommend this company. They came when I was in a pickle and was able to get me out of it with no issues. Very grateful that I found them.

    Move cost: $3000
  • Nick Vladimirov
    5 3 months ago

    I rarely write any reviews but in this occasion I have to. I had to move a 2 bedroom home from Georgia to New York, which is usually very stressful and unpleasant. Oh, where do I begin? I got my quote and spoke to a guy called Paul, who was very helpful and talked me through the whole process. They gave me a reasonable price, considering the distance and the volume of my stuff. Everything was well packed, undamaged and received on time. The drivers were all smiley and approachable on arrival, did their job in no time. I didn’t have to keep calling them all the time as they kept me updated through the whole process. What a good start to my new life in Albany, NY. Outstanding service, thanks!

  • Connor Adams
    4 2 months ago

    Using One Way was a so so experience. There were positive aspects of the move but there are still a few things that they need to pay more attention to. Getting a quote and getting in touch was easy and enjoyable. They gave me a good quote and the prices seemed reasonable. Upon the move itself I decided to do the packing myself because I wanted to save some money as I was doing a long distance move and everyone who has ever moved know that moving can be quite pricey. I had to move out on the 2/10 but my current home wasn’t ready so I had to store my stuff at their storage and live with a friend of mine. What I find great about this company is that they didn’t charge me for storage as apparently the first month is free in you use the storage in transit service so that was a big relief. My delivery date was set for 1/11 as this is when I moved in my new house. The delivery was supposed to come on the 1/11 but guess what, it didn’t. I had to sleep on an air mattress,which I borrowed. I contacted customer service and I was assured that the delivery will come on the following date. I was waiting all day and nothing. I contacted customer services again and they informed me that there was a problem with the truck so I have to wait another couple of days until they sort their problem. So a few days passed and I finally got my stuff on the 5/11. I had to sleep on the floor for 5 days. Good thing is that everything was undamaged apart from a few scratches on the table and a few other small bits but I know from previous moving experience that it is expected. It is fair to say that although there was some frustration with the delivery, I would still use them in future.

    Move cost: $4000
  • Vanessa Olsen
    4 3 months ago

    I had to move out of my NYC crib to Lake Shore MD, I had good experience and these guys were helpful with all my heavy stuff. They came to my home and gave me a quote and the price seemed reasonable. I am glad I used one way as the guys who came to pack and load everything were great at handling everything with care. Delivery time was also reasonable although I was told one date at the beginning and it slightly changed over time but anyways the guys on the phone were very kind and explained the reasons. So basically everything was taken care of and delivered to me undamaged. It was such a good experience for a first time move. If I have to move again in future I'll call them again.
    Thumbs Up.

    Move cost: $2000
  • Ashley Donovan
    3 2 months ago

    They were easy to work with apart from handling our boxes with care. We were moving from Frederick to Mercersburg so not a long distance but some of our boxes were still damaged. Nothing extreme but it's still a little upsetting since we were extra careful when packing the boxes.

    Communication was poor and the movers who came to load the boxes were slow. They seemed careful so we're assuming something must have happened upon moving them from one truck to the storage and then another truck.

    Our stuff arrived on the arranged date only in a different time which was annoying as I had some plans for the day and instead I was stuck at home waiting for the delivery.

    The drivers weren't the same ones that loaded our stuff but they were quite quick this time. Rude though...

    Prices were fair and storage was free so we're happy with that but please pay a bit more attention to how you treat peoples boxes as sometimes there are important items that we wouldn't want to have delivered broken.

    Move cost: $1200
  • Carlos Hoover
    3 3 months ago

    Not a bad experience but there could have been more of a personal touch per se and accurate pricing. I had to move within Shadwell so that was just a short distance one but it took them ages to deliver what could have been way quicker. I don’t know what were the reasons, according to the customer service they had too many orders but at the end of the day if you can’t handle your business then at least be accurate in delivery dates. The guys behind the phone weren’t that friendly either. None of them could give me any more information than “your items are in the truck and will be with you soon”. Yeah but soon is a broad terms especially according to one way van lines. The good thing anyway was that they did good packing and upon arrival my stuff were undamaged. One of the things they charged me for was the stairs, which I didn’t know at the beginning. Be aware that if you live on the 3rd floor they will charge you extra. It was only later that I realized it does say that in the contract. I didn’t read it at the beginning so if I have I would have known. It’s just a little annoying all the small bits they don't tell at the beginning but then again it's the consumers fault for not reading the contract.

    Move cost: $2000

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