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10 reviews for Great Van Lines

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  • Phillip Vashon
    1 2 weeks ago

    Absolutely ridiculous business model. My significant other and I spent days calling getting quotes from places. We decided based off pricing and timelines to go with great van lines. Prior to the move date we made sure to itemize out our stuff that would be shipped with dimensions. We adjusted the initial quote which they had messed up and it was $400.00 more then the initial price. We figured ok mistakes happen but we were reassured there would be no other hidden fees or charges that everything would be as the quote said. When the day of the move came the movers showed up an hour and a half late in the three hour window they had which made our 15 hour drive and closing paperwork for the house a bit more stressful. They packed everything and once things were loaded our initial quote had some how doubled in price but yet we did not add anything to the list we had adhered to everything that was in our quote nothing extra. We felt helpless because we now had no option but to let them take our stuff and figure out how to produce extra money for the move. The driver said well at least it wasnt 1500 square foot(like this is a normal practice for a company). Our stuff is still not here. We call and call to try to get some explanation or answers. We are now paying top dollar for in my opinion a very low quality of service. We could of paid 1500 dollars less and had our stuff the next day. We went with them for the value understanding we could live without our stuff for a week. It's now been 5 days and the company says they still doesnt have our "paperwork" and hangs up on us. I dont want to resort to legal action and go to the BBB but we are starting to feel like we may have no other option.

    Move cost: $4500
  • Mary Richardson
    5 3 months ago

    Great van lines arrived even a bit earlier and they were quick to start packing. They were fast and efficient while handling our items. The movers were terrific. Extremely respectful of my time, property and belongings, they are the nicest guys I’ve ever met. Everything reached my new home in perfect condition, they really took the time to secure my delicate items with several layers of packing paper. They used quality packing materials and an infallible packing and lifting technique which is why all my items survived the move. I will be contacting them again in the future for sure if I have to move.

    Move cost: $1950
  • Marilyn Garza
    5 3 months ago

    Great van lines proved to be very helpful and professional all along. Their customer service representative went above and beyond to explain the course of the move and how they would go about each task.
    The movers on both ends of the move were very approachable and friendly. The fact that they offered a reasonable quote also helped me decide. It wasn’t the lowest estimate, but their services turned out to be worthwhile. The crew came on time and offered to wrap some bulky items although that service wasn’t involved in the final price.

    Hope that everyone who hires them will be impressed too.

    Move cost: $2100
  • Rachel B----
    1 4 months ago

    Really terrible experience. Once we started unpacking I realized the box that contained my wedding dress and all my jewelry was missing. I had foolishly labelled the outside of that box 'jewelry', not thinking that would make it a target for potential theft. I filed a complaint and made it clear I don't want money for my loss, I really just want that box to be returned to me. Nothing was extremely valuable, but it is irreplaceable and sentimental. It contained jewelry that were wedding gifts from my husband, heirloom pieces from deceased relatives, and items I've had since I was a baby. Not to mention my wedding dress. Four months later, they offer me $72 for their mistake, with no indication that they have put in any effort to actually locate the box. I've tried calling a few times, but they put me on hold, then hang up.

    They also increased the quoted price by about $1000 once they came to pick up my stuff. So I feel like I overpaid, then got stolen from.


    Move cost: $4600
  • Tiffany Young
    5 4 months ago

    I’ve used Great van lines services twice now and they did great both times. First time I was moving an office, so I needed a detailed preparation and a professional coordination of moving services. After that I needed to move my studio apartment and after an amazing experience I had with them, I had no doubts about which moving company to hire. I was able to score a special deal with them as well since I was moving during the off-peak season, so the overall pricing was more than fair. They took care of my items while carrying them all the way to my walk-up apartment. Thank you so much for an outstanding service :)

    Move cost: $2350
  • Mac Urner
    4 5 months ago

    I only had 2 problems with Great Van Lines: delivery date was later than expected and some damage to furniture and a few missing items. There was a miscommunication with the delivery date and we had to have it there 3 days before it was projected to be there. The delivery guys arrived and were very exhausted after driving all day, and with our help got everything unloaded. They went out of their way to work as quickly as possible as I was already behind schedule. They worked quickly to get my claims handled and I received a call stating they were able to locate my missing items. I would suggest this company and give them 4/5 stars.

    Move cost: $2340
  • Allie Mahon
    4 5 months ago

    I recently used Great Van Lines as a moving service. I have moved before but never hired anyone to do it for me. The price ended up increasing slightly at pickup, which I was not expecting, but it was explained to me and it seems that I had left out a few items when providing my moving coordinator with my inventory. When my delivery came, the movers brought my items into whatever room I needed them in. The assembled most of my furniture, except for a dining room table that they had lost one of the screws to. I also had 2 missing boxes, but they were able to track them down at the loading dock. they sent me my 2 boxes, as well as screws to replace the one that was missing for my table.

    In the end, the move went pretty smoothly. There were a few bumps but they were all explained and resolved. I would recommend Great Van Lines to friends and family.

    Move cost: $5040
  • Gary Ioncanni
    5 5 months ago

    A friend encouraged me to have believed in this crew at Great Van Lines. I am happy that it was possible to do exactly that. As a result, the relocation turned out to be a successful venture. It was unbelievable seeing them move the properties without the slightest hitches. It was a wonderful experience worth going through the second time. I have come to believe that perfect services are hard to come by in the current world. I have come to believe that rare opportunities of being accorded reliable services only come occasionally. As such, I always maximize on them. That is exactly what I did last month when I was relocating. I hired out this company and ensured that all I got was perfect. All the instruction I issued were followed to the letter. It was flawless and at then it was finally over, both the parties were happy.

    Move cost: $8040
  • Rebecca Maguire
    4 5 months ago

    I was moving with Great van lines during the summertime. I had a good experience with the customer care, got all information I needed before they came to estimate my belongings to provide the final quote. When they showed up on moving day, my first experience was that they were not experienced enough for this kind of job. Except for they were slow, they didn’t break or lose anything. At some point I realized that some of them were seasonal movers, part-time employees. Those hard-working guys tried really hard to deliver the quality of service I requested, so everything turned out just fine. Everyone deserves a chance!

    Move cost: $1600
  • Daniel Young
    4 5 months ago

    My wife and I used Great Van Lines to move a few items we had in storage to our new home and I was very happy with the majority of the move. We had a few issues with the drivers showing up a day late, and a few items that did not arrive. However, we were compensated for the issues and they were able to later locate our missing items. Overall I feel it was a great customer service experience and everyone that we spoke to was always willing to help.

    Move cost: $8600

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