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23 reviews for Gold Standard Relocation

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  • Daria Newell
    1 5 days ago

    Don’t trust these criminals. They will lie and say whatever they can to get your business, and then you won’t see your items for months, if you get them at all. I waited more than a month after the promised delivery date to get my furniture - having to sleep on the ground in my new apartment, with none of my clothes and not even a utensil to cook with because those items were all in my boxes back with the moving company GSR contracted. Buyer beware.

    Move cost: $1700
  • James Carroll
    5 1 month ago

    I recently moved from Florida out to Glenwood Springs, CO to be closer to my Mom and Sister. I rarely leave reviews for businesses, but a friend reminded me the other day that if you have a great experience it's very important to share about it. Seems like most people (I'm guilty of this myself) forget all about it as long as everything goes according to plan. Something goes wrong of course, and I'm the first one to fire up the laptop and leave a nasty review in detail. In this case though, my experience with Gold Standard stood far apart from an average service contract so I'd like to give them my thanks again, and say I do appreciate their attention to detail and focus on our specific needs. We did have quite a few specific needs and it seems like they bent over backwards to accommodate. I was also concerned that my price would go up on delivery, being that our estimate was done over the phone. They actually took my through a second review of the inventory just before pickup day to get an accurate box count, items I may have missed etc ... my total cost on delivery ended up being slightly less than quoted and they would not accept any tips. I am compelled even still to pay it forward, so ill type my gratitude here. It was obvious to me and my wife that they really did care more about us, than getting the business. That's what I was told by the salesmen I booked with initially, but if I'm being honest I thought it was a corny sales line. It's good to see this kind of follow through, and I'll say it's rare for sure. I was also told their customer service team was the best in the nation, I'd have a specific team assigned to my move, and I'd come to know them on a first name basis. This proved true as well. Great job guys! Any phone call/email with questions I had, was returned promptly and even when they didn't have an exact update they still kept it touch to let me know they were on top of it. This was a pleasant surprise as well. As far as the actual move, all went fairly well ... I did have one cracked mirror, but they suggested ahead of time I let them pack it professionally and I chose to do it on my own to save a couple of bucks. No fault of theirs I suppose. Everything else went great. I came home to find my entire home put together and furniture re-assembled as promised. Great job guys, thanks again! I'll definitely be booking any future moves with Gold Standard and I'll certainly recommend to my friends.
    One last thing worth noting ...
    I'm a professor of English-lit and have an obnoxious library of books and reference volumes that spans over 9 custom built book shelves. My wife directed them how I'd like the shelves arranged in the library, but I was very surprised to see that all my books were unpacked and put on the shelves. Even arranged alphabetically! We didn't pay for any unpacking services, let alone that type of organization but I guess there was some down time after the delivery when my wife had to run to the bank and a member of the crew just took it upon himself to arrange my books. Maybe just to pass the time, who knows? All I know is no one would take credit for it, or accept the $100 bill offered as a thank you. I felt the need to share this bit just because it really stuck with me. Seemed more like a random kindness than part of the service, so thanks again guys! Hopefully this encourages some new customers for you. You deserve the business!

    Move cost: $4200
  • NickiAnn Stephenson
    5 1 month ago

    I hired Gold Standard Relocation to do my move from FL to CA and they were amazing. I was moving my 4 bedroom house and had A LOT of stuff to be moved. I was very nervous when I started looking for movers but Gold Standard Relocation made my move so easy. I didnt have to lift a finger. The movers that showed up were so professional and handled everything very well. I did have a couple of scratches on one table but when I pointed it out they told me I could file a claim and would get money back for the damages. I filed my claim and got a response and check in the mail within 30 days. That was amazing to me bc i know how claims work, normally takes like 90 days so I was very happy. Other then the scratches everything went great. I have to move again at the end of the year and I will 100% use Gold Standard Relocation again and send all my family members to them as well.

    Move cost: $15000
  • Jason Lester
    5 1 month ago

    I have a good reason to believe that Gold Standard Relocation are the best movers ever. I received all information from the administration staff about the general terms of the move and the onsite estimate was scheduled for the same day. The movers were very resourceful on the day of the move and provided a timely solution for some slight mishaps that happened on moving day. Although I made the last-minute booking with Gold Standard Relocation
    they managed even to exceed my expectations. They treated both me and my belongings with great respect. I will be more than happy to recommend them to all my friends and coworkers who are planning a household move.

    Move cost: $3600
  • Carok Anonymous
    5 2 months ago

    Awesome!!! You guys did awesome. They rescued me from a domestic violence problem with my boyfriend. They planned everything to hit a date where he would be at work and can and got me out fast and moved me to another state. I put a fake state in for obvious reasons for destination. Thank you Gold Standard!!!!!

    Move cost: $4200
  • Karen Wood
    1 2 months ago

    Worst Moving Company you can ever hire!! Doesn't even deserve 1 starr!!
    They changed my pick up date 4 times and never answer the phone! And now who knows when my stuff will arrive!

    I moved from Texas to Ohio 3 weeks ago and have been here with my 1 year old daughter with no furniture at all because they still don't have a delivery update and can't do anything about it. So now my 1 year old will continue to sleep on the floor like a dog until they decide to bring us our stuff!

    Move cost: $3100
  • Henry Joseph
    5 2 months ago

    We moved two years ago and it was NOTHING like this. Now i finally see how a move should be properly executed. They arrive on-time, give you all your stuff, and coordinate the whole experience effortlessly. Nothing was damaged, and they came to deliver ahead of schedule! There is nothing more i could ask for...thank you for doing a great job!

    Move cost: $3000
  • Windy Atchley
    5 2 months ago

    Our move went smoothly and I recommend this company. Gold standard relocation are some of the best movers in the business. Other companies should follow their example in competence and customer service.

    Move cost: $5250
  • Sarah William
    5 2 months ago

    We searched long and hard for a reputable mover until stumbling on Gold standard relocation when searching online. After doing some digging, they seemed like the best fit. Now they are delivering all our stuff as promised in the agreed time frame and the whole experience has been very pleasant.

    Move cost: $4000
  • Alfred Albon
    5 2 months ago

    A long haul move that was executed flawlessly by us Gold standard relocation. We recommend working with Jake who was with us every step of the way. The delivery happened right on time and we didn't need to wait or be nervous. Really no complaints at all, solid company.

    Move cost: $6400
  • Timothy Broderick
    5 2 months ago

    Amazing. I was extremely impressed with this company. I got a quote from a company called Texas moving group who quoted me 400 cheaper than Gold Standard, so i went with them. When they called me a few days before the move, they doubled my price. I called Gold Standard to see if they could come pick me up instead. I didnt get my deposit back from the other company, but I saved over 2,000 dollars for canceling and having Golden standard pick me up instead. They price did not increase, they guys were super polite. The delivery did take 3 days longer than expected because of the polar vortex, but I wasn't mad at all about it. When they did deliver, it was -9degrees, and they didn't complain at all. I will definitely use again in the future. I would recommend to anyone.

    Move cost: $2600
  • Keyan Hassen
    1 2 months ago

    They are the worst they told me one price then they jacked the price $1,600 more they wore late 20 day for delivery and I have all my stuff damaged and stuff are missing and no one is answering any phone calls Don’t do it

  • Daria Newell
    1 3 months ago

    BUYER BEWARE!! This company only contracts moves out to moving companies that have such poor customer service that they have to rely on getting their business from a broker like Gold Standard Relocation. What’s worse is that GSD employees use bait and switch tactics to get their portion of the money, then they hand you over to the mover and don’t care what happens to you. Here’s my story in short:

    “Crystal” told my mother and I that a moving truck was already going out of Michigan on Sept 21st so we could put my furniture in that truck and it would be there within a week. So we hired GSD and then I didn’t receive my furniture (with many items broken) until Oct 23rd.

    “Crystal” never answered her phone again after she got our money, so I had to call the main number and talk to “Sam,” who is the rudest customer service person I’ve ever talked to. I was asking questions about why my furniture hadn’t been delivered 3 weeks after they picked it up, and he told me he thought I was interrogating him.

    Much of my furniture arrived broken beyond repair. And don’t believe whatever the moving company responds to this review with, because all they do is lie, lie, lie.

    Move cost: $1700
  • Amelia Mell
    5 3 months ago

    Considering my previous moving experiences, I find myself lucky to have worked with Gold standard relocation. Unlike other moving companies in the past, Gold standard relocation showed a great deal of professionalism and efficiency. In fact, they are great movers who know exactly what to do in order to meet their customers’ requirements. They were so considerate and understanding all along and went above and beyond to make the move easier on me and my family. Their sales representative was also very helpful and managed to answer all my questions and soothe me with kind words and to relieve the stress as well.

    Move cost: $4100
  • Keirstin Hlastala
    5 3 months ago

    Gold standard relocation movers definitely live up to their reputation. They helped me move to Massachusetts smoothly and almost effortlessly. At least it seemed like they were handling everything so easily, but the truth is they are experienced hard workers who know how to complete each moving task in a timely and efficient manner. They took good care of my items and delivered everything in perfect condition. They used quality packing materials and appropriate equipment in order to ensure a complete safety of my belongings during the transport. Nothing was damaged as they took the time to wrap everything professionally. I had a really amazing experience this time!

    Move cost: $2000
  • Bryon Boyd
    1 3 months ago

    If I could give this company a negative star rating I would, -5 stars! I first dealt with a customer service rep and he sent me a quote based on a list of items which I told him I was not comfortable with, but I scheduled the move. Next day I called back to cancel and the receptionist connected me to Jim (?). I explained why I wanted to cancel and he suggested pricing per cubic ft. This made more sense to me as our belongings were already stored in a 10x20 facility. We signed and left for Georgia with our belongings to follow later. On the date our things were picked up, the moving company that Gold Standard hired couldn’t fit our things in the 26 ft Uhaul they brought even though it’s capacity is listed as 1700 cubic feet. so, they added a 600 cubic ft trailer and said we were 600 cubic feet over our 1600 contracted amount. They wanted 4.80 per ft for the extra. I contacted Gold Standard and they were able to reduce the price down to the 2.80 per ft like the rest of the goods. We still have the extra footage problem but they would not ship my goods until I paid the extra charges effectively holding my stuff hostage. We paid, my goods showed up four day later. Before they started unloading, I took pictures of my belongings in the moving van which has cubic footage markings on the ceiling. Ours was at about the mid point of the van at 1500 feet. When our belongings were off the truck, the last load in the van started at 2700. I count that as 1200 cubic feet. 400 feet under our original contracted amount.
    After multiple calls and very detailed emails with pictures attached, I was told that “Gold Standard has no control over their subcontractors or their actions”
    So, I am without remedy unless I want to pursue legal action. At this point, the 2000.00 is gone. (1680.00+other fees).I at least have my belongings and a real bad taste in my mouth. This company doesn’t deserve your business. If you use them, be sure that you know that once you send them their money, you then are at the mercy of their subcontractors but know that it’s going to be your word against the clowns that come to pick up and deliver your stuff.
    Extremely dissatisfied.
    Bryon Boyd

    Move cost: $8162
  • Elmore Keeney
    5 4 months ago

    I heard about Gold standard relocation from a friend who used their services twice. I was very scared and nervous about the move as that was my first household move ever.
    The point is they exceeded my expectations. Our communication went smoothly, they were courteous and polite all along and really did their best to accomplish all the tasks on time.
    Their dedication was really impressive. In my opinion, everyone deserves a chance to have a stress free move and only Gold standard relocation can make it happen. Highly appreciated and recommended professionals! Go for them, people!

    Move cost: $3100
  • Ellaine Ponni
    5 4 months ago

    Best movers I've worked with so far. Gold Standard Relocation is incredible. How friendly, and hard working they were. Our stuff was handled with great care and no damages after a 2400 mile move!! Never broke a single thing. Very impressive. If I were to move again, I would absolutely use this service.

    Move cost: $4005
  • Alfie McKean
    5 4 months ago

    I would definitely suggest using Gold Standard Relocation. Everything went exactly as planned. They were on time for pickup and delivery. The crew that moved us was very efficient and took great care of our items. I was very impressed with them as a whole.
    I would highly suggest anyone to use them if you are looking for an easy mover that you can trust. I would certainly use them again!

    Move cost: $3500
  • Caroline Williams
    5 4 months ago

    The guys that picked me up from Gold Standard Relocation were extremely great. They arrived on time and were able to get my entire house loaded onto the truck within a couple hours. I did have quite a few stairs for them to walk up and down and they did not complain at all. The company was there for me whenever I called, customer service was extremely helpful during the entire relocation process I thought there was going to be a delay on the delivery end but there never ended up being one. I'm very grateful for them and everything they did for my move.

    Move cost: $3240
  • Zachary Quinones
    5 4 months ago

    I highly recommend Gold standard relocation. I was referred to them by a close friend who had an amazing move with them as well. The entire move went well except for a couple of small issues. I realized that my dining table’s leg was damaged. They treated that matter immediately by offering a convenient settlement. There were no delays whatsoever. They handled each aspect of the move in a timely and professional manner exactly as promised. I couldn't be more happier with the service Gold standard relocation movers have delivered. I will be spreading the word about an amazing experience I had with them! Really really good job!

    Move cost: $2330
  • Steven Riddle
    5 4 months ago

    The entire moving process was rather stressful and tiresome until I met Gold Standard relocation team. First I planned to move by myself but at some point I realized that it wouldn’t be that easy. I was moving on a tight budget and I wasn’t sure if I could afford professional moving services. Luckily, it turned out that hiring certain moving companies was more affordable than diy. When I contacted their customer service, I received all important information so I knew exactly how much the move would cost me in the end. They packed my items with the utmost care, used quality packing supplies and delivered everything intact. Really amazing experience!!

    Move cost: $4288
  • Jackeline Moore
    5 5 months ago

    Gold standard relocation movers ensured a stress-free move to a new place. They had to deal both will tiny items and large furniture and they did everything as planned. They hauled bulky items carefully and my freshly painted walls were intact. I was very impressed with their commitment to delivering quality service. These young and diligent guys were awesome from start to finish…The move itself was very stressful due to some particular personal reasons and life changes, but Gold movers managed to put my mind at ease. I just knew that my belongings were in good hands from the moment I first called them. I will use them again for sure!

    Move cost: $4900

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