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  • Lorenzo Manning
    5 3 weeks ago

    As I needed Forward van lines to deliver my belongings 2 days later, I decided to hire their van for 2 whole days. They agreed to it and didn’t try to pursue me to hire storage facility. The movers were great. They maintained their timings and worked very efficiently. As the boxes and everything else stayed inside the van, I was quite worried for them. But luckily, nothing suffered any kind of damages. Hiring the truck for 2 days definitely increased the bill but I just don’t trust the storage companies. The actual moving process with this company was absolutely effortless.

    Move cost: $3140
  • Katie Reed
    5 3 weeks ago

    Forward van lines is by far one of the most efficient moving companies I’ve ever heard of. Unfortunately, I’ve experienced some unpleasant situations with the movers before, so I knew exactly what to look for. From the first moment I saw them I felt comfortable letting them handle my household belongings. They were very professional at doing their job and made the entire process a lot easier on me and my family. Not only did Forward van lines movers turn my move into a more bearable experience, but they also reduced the stress level significantly. I will be happy to recommend them to all my friends and relatives who are trying to find a reliable moving assistance.

    Move cost: $2100
  • Victor Ramirez
    5 3 weeks ago

    Forward van lines is the best moving company in USA. They helped me out so much during my last move. I hired them quite hastily because I just didn’t have the time to do my research. Their quote seemed alright and so they got the job. On the moving day, I was busy running errands while they meticulously packed everything I own and loaded them onto their van. I received the delivery on time and believe me when I tell you that everything I own was delivered in perfect condition. I was hoping they would break at least something to make sure they weren’t perfect! But they were hell bent on being perfect. I cannot see you shouldn’t hire such an efficient, yet affordable, moving company.

    Move cost: $2600
  • Wayne Bryant
    5 3 weeks ago

    I know the title sounds like a Tinder profile but I would feel very safe handling my valuables to someone knowing that he cares about them. That’s exactly how Forward van lines made me feel while moving my stuffs two weeks back. The movers were all very friendly and helpful. They made me feel at ease. There was no language barrier although the men were Hispanic. The men were very skilled and properly equipped. They finished the job in a record time for sure. I watched them carrying my furniture so delicately and putting my breakables into boxes so carefully. They really built a relationship of trust with me and it helped me a lot. I felt that they did justice to my trust when all my belongings were delivered in great condition.

    Move cost: $2150
  • Jack Nelson
    5 3 weeks ago

    As a professional business training manager myself, I certainly understand how important training is in any job! The movers from Forward van lines, who helped me with my last move, were meticulously trained for the job. The foreman was a very experienced man and he always had a grasp over the whole move. Each and every item I own was packed with precision and quickly loaded to the van. They delivered on time and nothing suffered any damage. These men were exemplary in relocation 101. I surely will hire them again.

    Move cost: $2700
  • Marco Rodriquez
    5 4 weeks ago

    Forward van lines has such a great reputation and I badly wanted to hire them for my move. But everyone else wants to hire them too so they were heavily booked. After calling them again and again, I finally got a slot. I certainly understand now why this company is so popular. They were literally on top of everything the whole time. They were punctual, efficient and reliable. It was just a very satisfying relocation. They took care of me and my valuables in the right way. My things traveled through the country and arrived at my new house completely unharmed. Change your moving date if you have to but just hire them.

    Move cost: $2700
  • David Peterson
    5 4 weeks ago

    The men from Forward van lines are absolutely amazing in every way imaginable. They know exactly how to do their job. It was our first relocation and we were really worried. The possibilities of things going wrong on your first move are high. Their manager gave me a very low quote and sent over 3 men. I must say this man really helped me ease my worries as he walked me through the process step by step and he had a lot of patience. All three of the movers were very apt and experienced. They maneuvered tricky and large pieces of furniture through the narrow hallways of my old home with such ease. I was very happy to see no dents or bruises on my furniture. All my glassware was neatly packed and carried to the vans. When I received the delivery, I am happy to report everything traveled safely. It was a very happy moving experience, all the credit goes to this amazing company.

    Move cost: $1970
  • Lionel Dixon
    5 1 month ago

    My number one concern with moving is the damage to personal items and inconsideration from movers who see it as just another job. Forward van lines managed to keep all of my worries at bay with their real professionalism. As an artist, and a lover of art I had a lot of pieces I needed to move. One of which included a glass painting which I love. There wasn’t a single scratch, or crack on it when it arrived at my new home. I’m nothing but grateful, thank you.

    Move cost: $3200
  • Jack Cooper
    5 1 month ago

    Forward van lines blew my mind with the swiftness the movers displayed. They arrived at 9:00 am as promised, took an inventory and got to work. I noticed boxes being carried out after a few minutes of their arrival. They finished the whole packing and loading process in such a quick way! I would never know how it was humanly possible for these 4 men to finish the job so quickly! Even more surprisingly, they delivered all my valuables in the exact condition they took them. I suppose these guys have been doing this for a very long time because the same task would have taken me forever to complete!

    Move cost: $2100
  • Sheldon Cole
    5 1 month ago

    I am probably such a misfit among the fast-paced city dwellers. But hey I grew a pair or two in down south. Good thing is that I was able to bring a piece of home with me when I moved here. My movers, Forward van lines, were always smiling while working. Manners will get you far back where I’m from. These guys knew their job inside and out. But they did it all while acting like humans, not trained robots. I suppose that adds certain something into their service and you don't mind paying the standard moving fees which may seem ridiculous otherwise.

    Move cost: $2250
  • Samuel Rogers
    5 1 month ago

    My wife and I are really enjoying our new home but thank goodness there are some good reminders of what life was like back in our house. Forward van lines made it all possible. Most movers were giving us such ridiculous quotes and I almost gave up on the relocating idea. That's when a workmate of my wife suggested this company. When I called them, they asked me about every detail and then gave me a very reasonable quote, to my surprise. They were very efficient at the actual moving process as well. Thank god for movers like them who make relocating possible for us regular Americans!

    Move cost: $1670
  • Adam Berg
    4 2 months ago

    Although the person I first spoke to was not really polite and gave me vague information, Forward Van Lines movers worked very diligently on the day of the move. I know that moving can be an extremely stressful process so I was fortunate to have hired this company to coordinate my move. Although the movers were very young, it was obvious that they had a lot of experience in the field. I had a lot of concerns about how my items will survive that long distance trip, but they gave me a lot of helpful information and guidelines. I will recommend these hard-working guys to all my friends. Great job!!!

    Move cost: $2900
  • Quinn Tanner
    4 2 months ago

    My girl and I moved twice in the last year. The latest moved we went with a new company, this one. Forward Van Lines was helpful. We already had an itemized list from the last time we relocated, the booking part was super simple. The movers were quite late showing up. I had to go into my office and tag my girlfriend into house sit since they were taking so long. Didn't really go as planned. But everything else went great. Everyone we spoke to at Forward Van Lines was really nice. We complained to the supervisor, because that's just the people we are, and they did ask if we would like compensation. So, I would consider the situation rectified.
    We would use them again.

    Move cost: $2500
  • Maradith Lobowski
    4 3 months ago

    Forward Van Lines started off great. But after i booked I called my rep and couldn't get any info. Turns out that I was only suppose to call customer service only. Once I started contacting customer service everything went a lot smoother. The actual movers were great but the communication was limited. At delivery everything was completely quickly. I was so relieved, to be done with the whole process.

    Move cost: $4620
  • Ralph Rod
    1 3 days ago

    Forward Van Lines turned me into a loyal customer and let me tell you, they definitely earned it. They handled my move so professionally, I was shocked! They showed up very early in the morning and got to work right away, carefully packing all of my boxes. The crew was very friendly and pleasant to have around. Not a single item was broken during my move. I will definitely be using them again!

    Move cost: $3420

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