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12 reviews for Excalibur Moving Group

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  • Elaine Fleck
    1 2 days ago

    For the Public Record,

    To be clear, there were four individuals present at my property the morning of September 27th, myself, the Excalibur contracted driver, and 2 laborers. The Excalibur contracted driver and laborers arrived at 12:30PM CA time (3:30 PM at Excalibur in Florida) in a large Ryder truck from the San Fernando Valley.

    What Excalibur fails to provide in their email is a copy of the third estimate that was handed to me by the Excalibur driver upon his arrival. This new estimate changed the terms of the move to $5000.00, based on cubic feet, with the expectation of $1000.00 cash up front. This estimate was given to me prior to any weigh-in, discussion, visual walk through, tagging, or documentation in a moving log, to record exactly what items were being relocated to Scottsdale, AZ. In addition, the items to be moved did not increase the weight of the move (per the contract), in fact, the opposite is true, the majority of my furniture (per the contract) had been donated to Angel View Thrift and other items (per the contract) had already been moved into a 15x10 storage locker at Safeguard Storage 4 miles down the street. The only items left to be moved from the property were boxes of clothing and kitchen items, a small dresser and a small sofa. As the home I was moving from was a furnished, leased property, any remaining items, were property of the home owner, including all furniture, linens, mattresses, patio furniture, kitchen appliances, pots and pans, dishes, washer and dryer, including garage items, and other additional household items.

    At no time did Excalibur Moving Brokers act as a moving broker on my behalf or have my best interests in mind. The Excalibur contracted driver made no attempt to honor the contract that is presented in Excalibur's email reply to you. Excalibur never had any intention of fairly, honestly, or accurately representing me as their client, or of honoring my $4000.00 contract; this became obvious when my move was booked at the 11th hour with a 2nd $1000.00 price increase, and then a third contract for $5000.00 that was given to me the morning of my move. This new contract was immediately presented to me, in writing by the Excalibur contracted driver, I had never seen this contract before this time nor had it been previously discussed with me by Excalibur.

    Excalibur states that "I was having a problem and did not contact them"...that is a blatant lie, heresy, and not based on factual evidence. Excalibur was the moving broker hired by me to facilitate this move. I worked all afternoon with the driver sent to me by Excalibur, requesting he move my contracted items for the agreed upon $4000.00 and to weigh the truck and items, he refused. When the Excalibur driver had me on speaker phone that afternoon, with an individual that identified himself as the "moving supervisor" for Excalibur, this supervisor did not represent my interests, or work on my behalf. The Excalibur supervisor had no interest in "the problem" of not honoring my contract. The new terms dictated to me were $5000.00, based on cubic feet, and $1000.00 cash up front. The items to be moved were never weighed, measured, catalogued, or loaded into the truck, so by Excalibur claiming that I "had more items" is a statement-based heresy and not on factual evidence.

    At no time did I refuse to honor the $4000.00 contract I had made with Excalibur. The driver Excalibur contracted for me refused to honor the contract. This is evidenced by the call to Excalibur on the speaker phone to confirm this. As my moving Broker, at no time did Excalibur or their representatives’ step in to honor their contract with me that afternoon, nor did they make any attempt to follow up on my behalf to resolve "the problem". At no time did the Excalibur contracted driver show any interest in representing my move, or attempt to honor my contract, or to move the items in the contract for $4000.00 based on weight.

    In closing, at the 11th hour, I had to find a local mover to move my items from the home in La Quinta, AZ to Scottsdale, AZ. Items from the home were moved in a truck smaller than the truck Excalibur had sent to my home, utilizing 2 individuals, the local mover also agreed to move me for $4000.00. I have gained nothing in my business dealings with Excalibur Moving Brokers, I am now out my $1700.00 in deposits to them for breaking their contract with me. Had Excalibur acted as a moving broker on my behalf, acted with my best interests at hand, and honored the agreed upon contract price of $4000.00 based on weight/items in the $4000.00 contract, this situation that Excalibur refers to as "a problem" would have never taken place.

    Please Note: Upon request I have ALL storage receipts, phone records, email records, documentation of items that belonged to leased property, donation receipts, local moving company receipts, and other documentation/receipts available for review.

    Thank you,
    Elaine Codekas-Fleck

    Move cost: $4000
  • Meaghan Colleran
    1 2 weeks ago

    Excalibur quoted us a price, showed up on moving day and more than doubled it. They took our things, promised a reasonable delivery date, and then kept them for weeks longer than they had said. When we called to express our frustration our phone calls were ignored and unanswered 90% of the time. When we DID get somebody on the phone they made it clear that they could not care less about us or our things.

    When they finally brought our stuff the truck was stuffed so full that I could see how squished and damaged my possessions were from inside the house. They broke serving dishes, a smart TV, a classic gameboy, damaged both of our dressers, stole one of our boxes of liquor and left us a bit of somebody else's clothing. While the movers were here they also asked me, a homeowner who they don't know, if I could tell them if a few mystery items were mine or not. They didn't know. Who knows. It amounted to a few boxes, a guitar, and a very broken mirror. They weren't mine so I told them so, but what if I weren't honest and wanted a guitar?! After that the movers explained that they were mixed up because their truck had been stopped by the police and searched for drugs the night before. They showed me pictures. I wish I was lying, but I'm not creative enough to make this up.

    When I try to call to see how I can file for compensation on my broken, damaged, and stolen things, how I can get this bin back to its proper owner, and maybe to follow up on our movers possibly being drug mules, no answer. Of course.

    Don't use Excalibur. If you're going to move a long way and are considering going with them for your moving needs, instead just collect all your stuff in a big pile and light it all on fire. You'll be less stressed out for less time.

    If you want pictures of my things, how broken and squashed it all showed up, I'd be glad to share, just drop me a comment.

    If you were the move with KP0632 Blue stickers, also contact me! I'd like to get you your stuff back.

  • Kelly Jenkins
    1 3 months ago

    I was contacted by Excalibur moving group when I was inquiring about a company to move my belongings from Colorado to Indiana January 2018. I previously had it moved out there by Allied Moving Company it arrived in pristine mint condition. After a Century movie with Excalibur moving group they keep my belongings to a company called Platinum Van Lines without my knowledge. That's where the nightmare begins. Excalibur moving group uses a man named Oscar Hernandez AKA Platinum Van Lines as a team to pillage, Steal that anything of value you own. They're quite aware of their extortion, fraud, Grand Theft... and I will not stop posting reviews and letting the world know what they've done that only to me but hundreds of other people since I first made a report. They all need to be prosecuted and imprisoned from Caitlin to Joe and don't forget about Steve..

    Move cost: $1714
  • kelly reed
    1 3 months ago


    Move cost: $3000
  • Brian Doss
    5 4 months ago

    Excalibur moving group helped me move back to my family home after the school year ended. Although I was living in a single bedroom apartment, my items piled up, which made moving by myself a lot more difficult. I needed to figure out how to transport my stuff back to Miami in one piece and Excalibur movers seemed like the most reliable option.

    I did some research, contacted several moving companies, but I received the most convenient quote from Excalibur moving team. I was moving on a tight budget and I couldn’t afford too expensive moving services. I will gladly recommend them to everyone I know!

    Move cost: $2200
  • Nicole Villegas
    5 4 months ago

    My move with Excalibur moving group went smoothly. Thanks to these guys and their competent approach I had my household packed up and moved in no time. Every person I interacted with was extremely polite and efficient.

    My items were delivered without any breakage. They brought quality packing and moving supplies and specialty crates as previously agreed. The next time I move I won’t need to research moving companies again, because I will most definitely request Excalibur moving group services again. Working with them was a real pleasure and I’m very happy that I finally found a reliable service provider.

    Move cost: $400
  • Nannie Tolem
    4 4 months ago

    I was moving my grandmother from Florida to Northern California. I chose Excalibur Moving Group to perform the move. Because of the fact that I was able to set it up a few months in advance, this company offered me a sufficient discount. I need everything to go smoothly because of her age, she cannot endure as much stress as others. All of her belongings are very important to her and she was not willing to part with any of them. This company did a fantastic job getting everything there safely and in a timely manner.

    Move cost: $5400
  • Ross Dunnigan
    1 4 months ago

    If i could do 0 stars I would. I called the company July 13th to get a refund. I was told that the refund would take 21 days to get and that it would come to me as a check. I have called them multiple times about the refund after the 21 day period was done. I was told many different times that the refund would be sent out on Friday (08/17/18, 08/24/18 and 08/31/18). By September 20th the company quit taking my phone calls. It is now October 29th and the only way i can get a hold of them is by using other people's phones. I now call every other week. Once i tell them my name I am put on hold and I usually hang up after 40 minutes. At this point i do not think i will ever get a refund back and that this company IS A SCAM! PLEASE STAY AWAY AND DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!

    Move cost: $1890
  • Carlo Mayer
    4 4 months ago

    We were looking to move our tiny antique shop to a place with a more convenient rent and Excalibur moving group seemed like a happy choice. I also got a recommendation from a friend’s friend. When I was researching moving companies I heard about lots of horror stories, but somehow I was confident that I could avoid them successfully. What happened to me wasn’t that bad, but it was certainly stressful and nerve-racking. They dismantled my furniture and somehow the table legs were missing. Normally I wouldn’t pay much attention to it, but that piece of furniture was in our family for 3 generations, so I was really stressed out. Movers offered a decent compensation, but after 4 days they informed me that the box with table legs was delivered by mistake to the person I was sharing a moving truck with.

    Move cost: $2099
  • Anthony Puglisi
    5 6 months ago

    pick up when great! they came on time and packed everything. the guys were nice and handled my stuff with care

    Move cost: $3150
  • Mark Davidson
    5 6 months ago

    I moved with excalibur moving group. They have very educated customer service reps on the phone who answered all my question! So happy I choose them for my move.

    Move cost: $5099
  • Noah Cardenas
    5 6 months ago

    They were amazing. I really didn't have any idea of what was going to happen and they made it much easier. Thank you excalibur.

    Move cost: $2400

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