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13 reviews for AAA Moving Group

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  • kim williams
    1 2 months ago


    Move cost: $3000
  • Lisa Tufano
    1 3 months ago

    AVOID!!!! We spent over $10K to move our household from Alexandria, VA to Los Angeles, CA. First of all, I know that this move would have been more economical had we just utilized PODs and hired a local team to load/unload on each end. Likely in the neighborhood of $6-8K plus the security of being padlocked and no opportunity for tampering. We also wouldn't be in this endless nightmare now that we are in Los Angeles and literally a dozen large boxes and items valued at nearly $5K mysteriously disappeared during transit. I mostly blame AAA Moving Group, LLC based in Daytona, FL, as they brokered the final move unbeknownst to us. So basically they quoted us one thing, and then handed us off to I&A Moving and from there things just went totally sideways.
    I&A has some janky system where they calculate your moving fee on the actual day of the move based on the space and weight your items consume within their moving truck. Fair enough, but it's basically their own math and you have no way to really verify this. As a result, the final amount was vastly different and inflated above the estimate we relied upon to choose I&A over a pod system.
    Their moving team in Alexandria struck our mailbox when backing into the driveway, and that should have been my first bad omen to bail on this whole deal, but I'm pregnant and we had sold our home and needed to be out just days later. Later that day on the inventory sheet when they finished packing the truck in Alexandria, the primary mover tried to universally mark our items as "scratched" in order to prevent any potential for damage claims later on. We take meticulous care of our things and to systematically mark down that all of our furniture had significant damage at the time of loading is just totally dishonest and total BS.
    When we arranged for delivery in Los Angeles, the moving team completely no showed on the agreed upon delivery date which meant that my husband and I waited around for them on a weekday for no reason. No call; nothing. We had to follow up several times and finally they said they would come to deliver the following morning. This time they did show up and only 30 minutes late. That said, they demanded the final payment in cashier's check or cash, and would not unload the truck until they were paid in advance. Again, red flag.
    The team of men who unloaded the truck were not very careful with our items and rushed to unload, stacking boxes upon boxes on their sides/upside down, etc. and when we started to inventory we immediately noted that many items had arrived damaged with gouges, deep scratches, and broken pieces. I can't say that the team who unloaded in Los Angeles caused the majority of this damage because apparently I&A loads and unloads your items in multiple warehouses while storing your items until final delivery. Somewhere along the line of these various transfers, boxes marked FRAGILE were crushed or loaded upside down by their employees, furniture was stacked haphazardly and broken, etc. In any case, by the time the items were unloaded in our new home, many items had been damaged.
    BUT WAIT, there is more! On top of the damage to items that actually survived this cross country journey, we also realized that a dozen LARGE boxes were never even delivered. Not one box, not two boxes, but a dozen large boxes as well as a large paddle board valued at almost $1000 alone.
    We have spent the last month chasing down the employees of this company to try to understand how these items mysteriously vanished. They floated one theory that perhaps they accidentally delivered the items to another customer. I have since been told that the people they hire to work at their company are not very educated and the implication is that items disappear AKA are literally stolen during the various transfers, despite the inventory checklists that should be utilized at each stop and the claim that they have cameras in their warehouses.
    I'm sorry, but this is just completely unacceptable. On top of it all, my husband and I have had to badger them endlessly with calls and emails. They seem to have very little interest in figuring out where these items went, or even if they have a problem with theft within their own organization.
    Do yourself a favor and put your things into a pod with a lock and under no circumstances should you hire this company. This has been an absolute disaster, and by the way, you'll be lucky to get $.60/lb of any missing items even if you do file an insurance claim.
    If and when we are made whole either by the delivery of our missing items or via financial restitution, I may consider amending this review. But given their lack of interest and hustle to remotely address this in a meaningful way thus far, I suggest you avoid this company at all costs.

    Move cost: $10700
  • Elden Mordy
    5 3 months ago

    AAA moving group assisted me with my move from Nevada to NYC and they did a fantastic job. I had an awesome packing and moving experience thanks to them. The entire project was very stressful but I was hoping for the best. Their quote was more than satisfactory considering other companies’ offers – neither too low nor too high. The movers themselves were friendly and professional all along and above all, respectful of my additional requests. They showed up on time and completed all the tasks in a timely and efficient manner. At this point I can recommend their services to all the people planning a household move.

    Move cost: $4700
  • Dom Diplaci
    5 4 months ago

    AAA Moving Group has the best prices around and their workers are very professional and really care about their customers. Pickup and delivery were on time and everything arrived in great condition. Their movers were polite and respectful. I have already recommended them to family and friends.

    Move cost: $4030
  • Julie Schwing
    5 4 months ago

    AAA moving group made my move to Dallas a breeze. Their extraordinary service turned out to be budget-friendly as well. They kept everything under control at all times and having them by my side was a huge relief.
    I’m so grateful for the commitment and respect they showed. Each aspect of the move was properly planned. My items were loaded and hauled with the utmost care and nothing was damaged or stolen in the end. I was very pleased with their professionalism and efficiency to the extent that I will hire AAA moving group again for my next move for sure. Great service!

    Move cost: $2200
  • Valerie Hester
    5 4 months ago

    AAA moving group went above and beyond to meet all my expectations about the move. Their representative reached out soon after I sent an application.
    I was looking to score the most convenient quote although I knew that going for the lowest quote could be risky.
    He was patient and understanding and offered some special deals as well.

    They were willing to dismantle my furniture for free which was an amazing gesture from their end. It seemed like they really cared to accommodate all my request and keep me as a customer.

    I would like to hire them again in the future in case of another household move.

    Move cost: $1599
  • Carolyn Leet
    5 5 months ago

    I’ll be grateful to AAA moving group forever for delivering amazing results. The best moving experience ever, and I have moved a lot during the last couple of years. They responded shortly after I sent the application online and scheduled an onsite assessment of my household. Compared with the services involved, I got a very convenient estimate. They went above and beyond to meet all my requirements and assist me in the best way possible. They offered to pack some fragile items free of charge. I will recommend them to all my friends for sure. I had an amazing service and I want to spread the word about it.

    Move cost: $3700
  • Janine Randels
    5 5 months ago

    Consider hiring AAA moving group if you want to have a smooth household move. I was moving from Norfolk to Vine Grove and the entire process seemed rather complicated at first. Our communication was amazing, they kept me informed about each stage of the process all along. I’ve already used their services before and at this point I can say that I’m their loyal customer. The moving crew was very knowledgeable and skillful and their friendly attitude was very impressive. My move was completely trouble-free and they did a great job! They took care of my belongings like they were their own and nothing was damaged in the end. Thank you so much!!

    Move cost: $3100
  • Zofia Holdridge
    5 5 months ago

    AAA moving group is the best in the industry and I will trust them with my future moves for sure. A very skilled crew handled my move and I received valuable information from their customer service representative during our first phone call. My belongings were handled with the utmost care and delivered intact. Everything was disassembled and reassembled perfectly. They planned each step of the move which is exactly what I needed since I had to move to a new place in two weeks. They have earned my trust and I will recommend them to everyone I know. Thanks for a great job!

    Move cost: $2300
  • Alex Mamay
    4 5 months ago

    After AAA Moving Group unloaded my items I just wanted to unpack and arrange everything as soon as possible.
    While I was unpacking I realized that my coffee table was nowhere to be found. I contacted my movers immediately and they got back to me the following day informing me that they left the table in the truck by mistake. I expected to get it back the next day, but for some reason I had to wait 5 more days for it. They apologized several times for the inconvenience. Except for this tiny issue, everything else went smoothly and all in all, AAA Moving Group movers did a good job.

    Move cost: $3650
  • Chuck Dooby
    5 5 months ago

    Great moving experience with this company. AAA Moving Group went higher than my initial expectations, and for that I am more than happy. The movers were on time, worked in good fashion, and were very friendly. They wrapped all of my stuff up because I had a full pack move. They provided all materials. They handled everything with care, and then helped put things back together and reassemble my bed and bigger items. Will definitely use this company again in the future!

    Move cost: $3798
  • Jamie Knocks
    5 5 months ago

    I saw really good reviews about AAA Moving Group and I decided to do my move with them. But it didn't happen as expected. I spent a lot of time putting all of my information and inventory in. I received many emails confirming that my date was available. When I was finally done I received really short message from one of their representatives stating that they actually don't move from and to my location. I checked their website and I could not find any information about this restriction. I tried to contact the representative back that sent me this email to ask why they made me go through everything just to tell me later, through an email, that they could not do my move and did not receive a response. I later called the number on their website and was told they had been having issues with their online communications and provided all of the information over the phone. It turns out they actually DO moves in my area and they spent almost 2 hours on the phone with me manually re-entering my information for me. The actual move was great and they really made up for their mistake in the beginning. I am happy with my experience and I would use them again. I understand some things are outside of their control but I bet they lost a lot of customers from this mistake that I feel should be an easy fix. Communication is always important and this should be a priority to get fixed.

    Move cost: $6876
  • Mike Scott
    4 5 months ago

    Aaa moving group was good overall. I can definitely say they were persistent when i was making a decision to hire a mover. When i looking up aaa moving groups reviews they looked good, so i hired them. Well apparently they are a broker so aaa moving group doesnt own any trucks. They did hire a 5 star rated moving company to move me though so i cant complain. Their customer service team needs to do a better job at picking up the phone though. Overall id recommend aaa moving group.

    Move cost: $1700

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