Cross Country (Interstate) Moving Companies North Dakota

North Dakota is a serene prairie paradise full of nature, living up to the name of the "Legendary State". If you choose to relocate to North Dakota, you will find yourself in a diversity-rich state. Icelandic and Norwegian settlers combined with rich Native American culture and history is definitely something worth exploring. And you are not the only one to notice this since the Peace Garden State has the highest documented population growth in recent years. So, all you need now is the right team to help you move. And with our interstate moving companies reviews, you will have access to some of the best cross country moving companies North Dakota has.

Seal of North Dakota.
Explore the great outdoors of North Dakota with cross country moving companies North Dakota.

Life in North Dakota

You might find this hard to believe but North Dakota does experience all four seasons. With long stretches of open road surrounded with fields and the occasional bison, resident truly has scenic landscapes to enjoy. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Potentially the highest quality of life in the US

That may come as a surprise, but it makes perfect sense when you consider that this state has it all:

  • stunning national parks
  • a healthy environment
  • strong sense of community

With the welcoming and friendly residents that the state offers, young couples and families should definitely consider North Dakota as their new home. And as you will find out from cross country moving companies North Dakota, friendliness comes before all else.

Rural farmlands in North Dakota are nothing new for cross country moving companies North Dakota.
North Dakota brags low prices due to its developed agriculture.

The cost of living in North Dakota is approximately 20.5% lower than the US average. This is mainly due to the state’s large agricultural base, which results in lower food prices. In addition, the population density is relatively low, which results in housing prices that aren’t as steep as other states.

Interstate moving companies North Dakota note tax-friendliness as a plus

According to Kiplinger's annual list of the most tax-friendly states, North Dakota has landed the #6 place. Since local and sales tax averages to 6.78%, you won’t have to stress-out come tax time in North Dakota. The state’s fiscal stability is good, and income taxes have been dropping  — meaning these trends will only continue.

Finding work comes as easy as finding cross country movers in North Dakota

North Dakota boasts some of the lowest unemployment rates in the country, which is reason enough for a commercial relocation. Oil, natural gas and agriculture are the state’s big industries, but the manufacturing and technology industries have recently been emerging as big players. If anything, North Dakota employers often have more jobs to fill than the current talent pool can accommodate. It's a great place for job seekers to find amazing new opportunities.

Tips by cross country moving companies North Dakota

The following tips will help make your move to North Dakota something to remember:

  • If you’re moving during the summer, the weather may be very hot, so try to avoid heavy lifting in the heat of the day and make sure to cover your skin and drink plenty of water.
  • Winters are extremely cold and often bring heavy snow, so try to avoid moving during the colder months. The best time of year to move is in the fall when temperatures aren’t extreme and there’s less chance of storms or tornadoes.
  • Cross country moving companies North Dakota are generally friendly and helpful, so if you need information or assistance, don’t be afraid to ask!