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President’s Message: July 2014

Hi there!

Well, the end of another Program Year is upon us, and as such I thought I’d take stock as to what we’ve accomplished over the past couple of years – because in case you missed it, there’s been quite a bit!

Here are just a few highlights, all made possible thanks to an incredibly committed Board of Directors and to people like YOU (to borrow from PBS!):

  • We’ve increased the frequency of our activities, to the point where we do something pretty much every month between September and June.
  • We’ve slashed the price of admission for those activities that require us to pay for space, refreshments, etc. AND arranged for special pricing for New Members joining AIIM via the Chapter.
  • We’ve changed the format of our educational sessions from protracted lectures on possibly interesting topics to highly interactive “town meetings” on subjects you tell us you want to learn more about. 

Trip Report: AIIM Conference 2014

In the inimitable style of Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert, I must ask you: was last week’s AIIM Conference a good educational event for information professionals or a great one?

This was the third edition in the gathering’s reincarnation as an AIIM-only production, and it can be safely said that it was a worthy successor to the first two. The flow of positive energy continued unabated, and opportunities abounded for learning and networking. If you didn’t pick up some useful piece or knowledge, or meet someone new, well, then it was your own darn fault.

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Social Media Experience Report is Available

On March 12th, we gathered at The National Archives in Waltham, MA to discuss the ways organizations are using and managing their presence on social media. The event was fun and, as usual encouraged some great conversation.

  Adapting Content for Social Media (130.5 KiB)

Experience Report – How Do You Use SharePoint

Last week, the Chapter held an event focused on how companies are actually using SharePoint. If you missed the event, you can read all about it in our Event Experience report. You can download the report right now and you are free to distribute the report to your coworkers.

  How Do You Use SharePOint (226.3 KiB)